Walking With Moms

“It has been five months since the historic U.S. Supreme Court Dobbs decision which effectively overturned five decades of unlimited access to abortion. However, the Catholic Church’s fight to protect life from conception continues.

In the wake of the Dobbs decision on June 24, 2022, Bishop Frank J. Dewane said the ‘legal protection must be accompanied by more care for mothers and their children. The Catholic Church, and the Diocese of Venice, stand ready to help mothers in need. Pregnant women are not alone… Parishes in the Diocese of Venice have redoubled their efforts to accompany women and couples who are facing unexpected or difficult pregnancies, offering them loving and compassionate care.’…

Jeanne Berdeaux, Diocese of Venice Respect Life Director, said the message from Bishop Dewane and the ‘Walking with Moms in Need’ program are crucial. ‘The Catholic Church needs to be there for pregnant women to help with their needs. We need to come alongside the Pregnancy Help Centers, Maternity Homes and After Birth Homes as they continue to work diligently with each mom, the dad and other important family members.'”

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